The Thread Master machines are made from the highest-grade material and proven technology for quality and precise machining, while a full range of interchangeable dies and spares are available as well as other complementary items. Perfect for industry, metal working and installations.

CE & CSA approved.

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Product Information

Standard Dies:
• ½”-¾” universal HS dies set.
• 1”-2” universal HS dies set.
• 2 1/2”-4” universal HS dies set.

• Pipe: ¼”-4”(8mm-100mm)
• Bolt: 12mm-45mm

Technical Data

• Motor: 900W induction, 50/60Hz, single phase.
• Switch: ON/OFF heavy duty switch, foot switch and FOR/OFF/REV switch is optional.
• Spindle Speed: 36/20/11 RPM.
• Front Chuck: Hammer type with replaceable rocker action jaw inserts.
• Rear Centering Device: Cam action.
• Oiling System: Through die head, with intergral oil reservoir.