The Thread Master machines are made from the highest-grade material and proven technology for quality and precise machining, while a full range of interchangeable dies and spares are available as well as other complementary items. Perfect for industry, metal working and installations.

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Product Dimensions

740/0015-0050½" - 2"SQ50
744/0065-0080 2 ½” – 3”SQ80
744/0080-0100 3” – 4”SQ100

Technical Data

• The proven quality dies with precise cutting geometry ensure an excellent start-cutting performance, easy threading and ensure clean threads.
• Dies in a high-quality special-grade steel, fully tempered and hardened, for long life usage.
• Teeth milling process: To further improve threading performance, dies will undergo teeth milling process with special milling tool. It will improve the teeth geometry and surface.